Delivery & Pick-up Services

Listed price is for curb-to-curb service, or any ground floor door that is accessible by our trucks.

Extra charges will apply for each floor or set of stairway the delivery crew has to climb. $1.50 per table. $2.50 per 25 chairs, $1. 50 per load (cart or armload). Sometimes this can only be determined a time of delivery.

Delivery and pick-up times are at our convenience. We like to give a 5-hour window for delivery times, but sometimes unexpected surprises arrise at the previous deliveries. Delivery schedules for the week are prepared on Tuesday. We will provide adequate time for per-event set-up.

We have set-up and take-down service, but this service must be booked well in advance of delivery. Price: 65ยข per chair, $1.00 per table. Unexpected take-down price, $1.50 per chair, $2.00 per table.

If a specific time frame is required there is an extra $65 charged on top of the regular zone rate. We call this a TIMED delivery or pick up (ex. $35 blue zone 1 + $65 timed delivery = $95)

Sunday, holiday and after hours services are subject to an additional $150-$250 fee. Call for a quote on an AFTER HOURS pick up or delivery (ex. $45 red zone + $250 after hours free = $295 for a midnight pickup).

Zone Reg. Delivery Reg. Pick-up Round Trip
Blue 35.00 35.00 70.00
Red 45.00 45.00 90.00
Green 50.00 50.00 100.00
Purple 55.00 55.00 110.00
Magenta 85.00 85.00 170.00
Orange 110.00 110.00 220.00
Turquoise 150.00 150.00 300.00
Yellow Quoted Quoted Quoted

Rental equipment delivery in the Surrey BC Metro Area