Confetti Delivery Policy

Part of excellent customer service means getting your rental items to you when you need them. Confetti offers a variety of delivery options to meet any need.

Our standard rates are for curb to curb delivery anytime during regular operating hours. Timed deliveries, after hours options, and hard to reach places can all be arranged for your convenience for a fee. See below for details.

Standard Rates

$1.85 per kilometer with a minimum fee of $39 each way or $78 round trip for a small truck and $65 each way or $130 round trip for a large truck with a tailgate.

Please ask us for a quote on your Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver & rural area deliveries as prices may vary.

Additional Options

For your convenience Confetti offers a variety of ways you can modify your delivery to best suit your needs.

Timed Deliveries

If you need your items to arrive at a specific time we offer a timed delivery service which allows you to choose a one or two hour window for your delivery.

Timed Delivery (2 hour window) Standard Rate + $35
Timed Delivery (1 hour window) Standard Rate + $55

Outside Regular Hours

If you need your items delivered outside of our regular operating hours, we are happy to help!

Our regular hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday with the exception of some holidays. If you need to arrange a delivery or pick up outside of those hours, we have some options for you!

Our extended hours allow you to get an early morning or late evening delivery or pick up on our regular days of operation. Sunday reservations can also be arranged. See rates below.

Morning Extended Hours (7am-9am) Standard Rate + $65
Evening Extended Hours (5pm-7pm) Standard Rate + $65
Sunday Hours (7am-7pm) Standard Rate + $65

Sometimes you just need to party all night long! We get it. If you need your items picked up or delivered after 7pm or before 7am, we can do that too.

Early Birds and Night Owls (7pm-7am) Standard Rate + $250

Additional Labour

Back to the note about hard to reach places, our standard rate is for curb to curb – no more than 25m from the truck to the drop-off location. Obstacles such as stairs, elevators, landscape barriers, and long distances may result in additional fees. If this might be the case for your event, please let us know at the time of booking to avoid any unexpected costs. Sometimes this can only be assessed at the time of delivery, but even a heads-up can help us plan to avoid unexpected delays.

All products that Confetti delivers or picks up must be returned in the condition and state they were given (i.e. chairs stacked, glassware in racks, dishes in crates). Additional labour costs will be incurred for unscheduled packing up.

Confetti offers basic setup and takedown services such as placing chairs and tables and assembling dance floors, stage platforms, and heaters. If you require setup or takedown, this MUST be arranged at the time of booking. Unexpected or last minute requests will result in a higher labour rate and may not be possible due to time constraints.

Prearranged Labour Services $45/hour per staff member
Last Minute Labour Services (Less than 72 hours) $75/hour per staff member

If you require extensive setup or more detailed arrangements including place settings, décor, or design, Confetti is happy to connect you with one of our third party planners.