About Renting Tents

Tent and Canopy rentals at Confetti Creative Celebrations in Surrey BC

Tents can play a big part in any event, whether it is to keep the participants dry in the rain or provide cool shade in the sun. A tent always says "Something’s happening." From the early traders in the deserts, who erected tents to symbolize "Welcoming friends and trust in their homes," to modern times, when even though they have plenty of new fancy buildings in Washington DC & at Camp David, they still erect a tent when signing peace treaties between nations.

The tent symbolizes "Something very important is about to take place." Do car dealers put tents over new cars to keep them dry? No, they put up tents to catch your eye. No matter the theme of your event, when your guests arrive and see the tent for the first time, they will know that something very important is about to take place.

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